Coal, a combustible sedimentary rock with a distinct black or brownish-black appearance, is characterized by its rich carbon and hydrocarbon content. It is formed from the remains of plants that thrived in swampy forests millions of years ago, storing their energy within its composition.

Coal holds immense significance as a valuable commodity that plays a vital role in numerous aspects of our daily lives. It serves as a primary source for generating electricity, facilitating steel production, and supporting various industrial processes, such as aluminium, cement, and nickel manufacturing.

At our company, we take pride in our thriving coal trading business, led by a team of highly skilled professionals who possess extensive knowledge and deep-rooted connections throughout the entire coal value chain. From mining operations to end-buyers, we have established strong relationships that enhance our expertise in the industry.

As a trusted supplier, we directly source our thermal coal from our very own mining site located in Kalimantan. Our focus is on serving coal users across diverse industries throughout Asia. Through our unwavering commitment to reliability and exceptional service quality, we have successfully built a robust customer base that relies on us as their preferred coal supplier.
Our exclusive focus is on trading Indonesian-origin thermal coal, providing our customers with three primary calorific values: GAR 5500 – 5300, GAR 5400 – 5200,  GAR 5200 – 5000, and GAR 5000 – 4800. 

The table below highlights the specific characteristics of each coal category as per the ASTM Standard.